Traffic Safety


Our actions as drivers & parents is one of the most important ways for children to be safe around our school.  We can all work together to:

  • Follow the signs
  • Keep the pick-up zones movingParking and Safety - Solorio Elementary
  • Be courteous and aware
  • Use school crossings
  • Reduce car trips

Drivers are responsible for understanding parking restrictions in our school zone and to ensure they obey the parking rules to keep our school children, pedestrians and other road users safe.  Parking Compliance Officers from the City of Casey patrol schools during the morning and afternoon. A fine will be issued for any breaches of the Road Safety Road Rules.

  • Follow signs, road rules and parking signs, they are there to keep our children safe. Please see the map for parking restrictions around our school.
  • No stopping signs mean “Do not stop your vehicle for any reason”. No Stopping zones are there because it is dangerous for a car to stop there for any amount of time.  They are often in areas where there are blind corners, narrow streets, crossings or intersections. Dropping off a child in a No Stopping zone is illegal and dangerous. 
  • The 5-minute parking zones operate from 8:00am – 9:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm on school days.  The zones are there for quick parking while picking up or dropping off your child. Don’t arrive early and park in these spots – remember, you can only stop here for 5 minutes.
  • Do not park on nature strips or in front of people’s driveways. It is illegal and is very unsafe for children and other road users. It blocks the road and children can’t see any approaching dangers.
  • Be patient. If you choose to drive to school, remember many other parents are doing the same thing. Be extra careful and patient.
  • Slow down and be alert! Children can be unpredictable and there are LOTS of children around schools, especially at drop off and pick up times.


Getting children to school safely is everyone’s job. Think before you park, drive, drop off and pick up! All children deserve to get to school safely. 

For more information on safe parking around schools, see this video from City of Casey


Onsite Student Pick-up & Drop-off

Our actions as drivers & parents is one of the most important ways for children to be safe around our school.  We can all work together to:

  • Keep the pick-up zones moving
  • Follow the signs
  • Reduce car trips
  • Be courteous and aware
  • Use school crossings

Our school is very lucky to have an on-site Pick-up Drop-off option for families.  When all families use this correctly, the traffic flows well and it is safer for everyone.  Please remember:

  • Do not queue up along Ridgemont Drive to wait to get into the Pick Up & Drop Off zone.  This is double-parking, which is illegal and dangerous.  It blocks Ridgemont Drive, causes a traffic build-up and results in other vehicles overtaking the queue on the wrong side of the road – this is particularly dangerous as it can cause head-on collisions.
  • School dismissal is at 3.10pm - you do not need to arrive before this time to collect your child at the end of the day.  Arriving early is unnecessary and can cause the dangerous queuing along Ridgemont Drive.  Arrive at least three minutes after dismissal time - no children are ready before this time and staff are still supervising pick-up after 3.10pm.
  • If you cannot enter the school grounds due to queued traffic, keep driving! Continue along Ridgemont Drive, around the Meadowlands Way roundabout, south along Ridgemont Drive to the Flowerfield Court roundabout and try again. 
  • Do not turn right from Ridgemont Drive into the school grounds.  You must drive South to the Flowerfield Court roundabout and come back to turn left into the school.
  • Avoid peak times.  Try to change your drop off or pick up times so you are not there at the busiest times.  For example, arrive 5 minutes later or drop your child off earlier for school.
  • Try parking instead.  There are legal options in the Grices Road Reserve carpark; further along Ridgemont Drive; on Skyline Way; at Eden Rise Village or surrounding streets and walking the short distance to school instead.  We will be distributing a Map in the coming weeks that identifies a range of park & walk and drop-off pick-up options.  The on-site option at school is not your only choice.

73 Ridgemont Drive
Berwick VIC 3806

Phone: 03 9702 1466