A Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour Support

At St Catherine's, all members of the school community have a significant role to play in supporting a whole school approach to positive behaviour. Where all members work collaboratively, each child has the opportunity to fully participate, engage in the process of schooling and become a successful learner. 

The characteristics of our whole school positive behaviour approach include prevention, instruction, use of evidence based practices, and utilising data for informed decision making. A positive behaviour approach supports teaching and learning environments so that the academic outcomes of students are maximised.  This provides a structure and process for our school community and classroom procedures so that a positive social culture is established.

Our school wide expectations are reflective of the teachings of St Catherine of Siena and values of the Gospel, aligning with the Religious Education Curriculum mandated for the Sale Diocese, To Live In Christ Jesus and the Personal and Social Capability of the Victorian Curriculum

In the spirit of St Catherine of Siena, we aspire to live the Gospel, creating a sense of respect, responsibility, compassion, courage and being problem solvers.

School Wide Expectations

  • School wide expectations are a list of specific, positively stated behaviours that become the agreed way of operating within the school community.
  • School wide expectations are linked to the mission and vision of our school. They are broadly stated, relate directly to skills, and apply to all people across all school settings.
  • School wide expectations are important for providing a common vision, language and experience for the entire school community.

Our whole school community expectations are based on our school acronym 'SHINE'.


These expectations are embedded into the curriculum and in day-to-day school life. All stakeholders are encouraged to enact these expectations as active participants in St Catherine's School community.

Our School Wide Expectations in Action

At St Catherine's, our school wide expectations have been unpacked to identify and understand more specifically what these may look like in action.  This has resulted in two matrices being developed: one for students and one for staff.