Welcome to St Catherine's Catholic Primary School Berwick

Welcome to St Catherine's Catholic Primary School Berwick


St Catherine’s Primary School is an integral part of the Sale Diocese and the Parish of St Michael’s, Berwick. Located just 45 minutes southeast of the city of Melbourne, St Catherine’s shares the mission of bringing Catholic Education to students in Melbourne’s southern growth corridor. 

St Catherine’s Primary School is one of three co-educational Parish Catholic primary schools providing a P-6 education for students from increasingly diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Established in 1996 with 67 students, the school today has an enrolment of just under 700 students. This growth in enrolments is indicative of its location and the significant demographic growth that is presently being experienced in the area. The school site is also shared with St Francis Xavier Regional College, Berwick Junior Campus. 

Inspired by the life of St Catherine of Siena, St Catherine’s School undertakes to be a Catholic community where God’s love is experienced, shared and celebrated. Our school is committed to developing a safe and supportive learning environment. We actively support the development of the whole child in a nurturing learning community, where all are engaged, empowered and encouraged to develop a love of life-long learning. We strive to develop the students’ cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual life, to enable them to find God in all things, to live out their vocation in life according to the variety of their skills and talents. 

At St Catherine’s School, we are committed to supporting parents as the first and primary educators of their children. We assume the belief that education is a partnership operation. It is in working as partners – supporting and encouraging each other’s efforts, that we benefit in bringing children to a genuine knowledge of themselves and of the world in which they live. Together it is hoped that efforts of cooperation and mutual support will complement each other through the sharing of a common vision and of common goals. 

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Our school logo, which proudly bears the words of our school’s motto ‘Our Faith is Our Strength’, provides for each of us a profound reminder of who we are and what we are about as a Christian people. It is this profile through which we live and work together in the hope of being recognised as a Catholic School. If we are true to the inspiration and application of it, our school, and all those associated with it, will certainly benefit. 

St Catherine’s Primary School is welcoming and has a group of highly dedicated and motivated parents and carers who, through their hard work and commitment, genuinely assist with the provision of the best education environment possible for the children. St Catherine’s is fortunate to be staffed by a strong group of dedicated teachers and Education Support Officers who continue the mission of Catholic Education, begun so many years ago. It is a school which openly reflects through its practices, the philosophy and values of its founding community and all those who have been part of its story and have contributed in making it the great school that it is today.


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