Each Tuesday and Thursday lunches can be ordered from the School Canteen.
The procedure is as follows:

LUNCHES: A list of the food available and prices applicable will be sent to each family.  

Lunch orders should be clearly written on a brown paper bag. eg.

NAME: ______________________

CLASS:  __________________

                                      2 Pies - $6.00
                                   1 Donut - $1.70
         1 Apple & Blackcurrant - $1.50

                                         Total - $9.20
                                 Enclosed - $9.20

                   Change            nil           (example only)

The lunch order should be placed in the class plastic lunch order envelope at the beginning
of the school day.

Term 1 and 4 – Icy Poles sales only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On canteen lunch order days 2 parent helpers are required in 2 shifts of 8.50am to 9.45am and 11.45am to 1.15pm.
Icy Pole sales require parent helpers for over the counter sales. Parents are usually needed for 45 minutes.