Message from the Principal

Welcome to St Catherine’s Primary School Berwick.

St Catherine’s School is one of three primary schools in St Michael’s Parish Berwick and was established in 1996 to meet the educational and spiritual needs of Catholic children and a growing population in the south of the Parish.

Originally surrounded by farmland and built on the hard work and enthusiasm of forty families and sixty-five children, the school community now embraces six hundred and seventy children from four hundred and seventy nine families. The spirit of community, belonging and partnership between the school, the Parish and the parents is warmly encouraged.

St Catherine’s is named after our Patron Saint, Catherine of Siena and offers a Catholic education based on the Gospel. We value students, parents and staff as part of our community of learners and we encourage parents to be active partners in their child’s education.

I hope our website is both informative and interesting.

Kevin Browning