Welcome to St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School Berwick.

Through our motto, “Our Faith is Our Strength”, we aim to provide a school environment where family, school and parish work together to ensure the spiritual, physical and educational growth of our children.

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School is called to offer the riches of education and culture to the children of St Michael's Parish, Berwick. One of three Primary Schools in the Parish, St Catherine’s is situated in the south-east growth corridor of Melbourne. The school was established in 1996 with 67 students and now enrols over 600 students, sharing the site with the junior campus of St Francis Xavier Regional College.

We aim to…

  • Maintain and enhance the Catholic identity of our community through ongoing spiritual and faith formation for all, and by strengthening the school’s partnership with parish and families.

  • Build an effective learning community where learning is challenging, relevant, and caters for the needs of all its members

  • Build an effective learning community that actively engages students and acknowledges and celebrates their learning.

  • Create a caring and safe environment that respects and celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion and nurtures positive relationships.