Annual Report

Annual Report to the School Community

St Catherine’s Primary School is an integral part of the Sale Diocese and the Parish of St Michael’s, Berwick.  Located just 45 minutes southeast of the city of Melbourne, St Catherine’s shares in the mission of bringing Catholic Education to students in Melbourne’s southern growth corridor.

St Catherine’s Primary School is one of three co-educational Parish Catholic primary schools providing a P-6 education for students from increasingly diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Established in 1996 with 67 students, the school today has an enrolment of just under 700 students.  This is indicative of its location and the significant demographic growth that is presently being experienced in the area.  The school site is also shared with St Francis Xavier Regional College, Berwick Junior Campus.

2016 can certainly be looked upon as a year during which the spirit and mission of St Catherine’s School continued to grow and flourish in its desire for a quality education and its belief in supporting the faith development of each child.  A culture of high expectations continued to permeate the school and the staff operated as a collaborative and increasingly dynamic community of learners with a shared commitment to improving student outcomes and to ensuring that teaching reflected best practice.

As the school looks forward, our position of growth in terms of enrolments presents new challenges and exciting possibilities.  Consultation commenced with the school community on ways in which we can best meet the emerging needs whilst continuing to maintain and strengthen quality outcomes through quality teaching and learning.  The coming 12 months provide us with lots of opportunities to dream, envision, and to work towards a reality that is exciting and rich in possibilities.


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