ICT component of “Learning & Teaching”

Our children are born into a digital world where information and communication is electronic, instant, accessible and constantly changing. Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) Systems therefore play a substantial part in how children learn, access and share information.

St Catherine’s ICT systems include:

  • High-speed Optic-Fibre access to Internet & Email facilities controlled and filtered by C.E.V.N. Catholic Education Victoria Network

  • Over 200 computers & laptops

  • iPads as 1:1 Personalised Learning Tools in Years 3-6

  • Sets of 8 iPads in each classroom from Prep-Yr2

  • Curriculum & Administration Servers

  • Digital Cameras

  • Digital Video Cameras

  • Scanners

  • Laser printers (colour & B/W)

  • Data projectors

  • Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom

All users of our Computer Network; Students, Staff and Parents, do so in agreement with our “Acceptable Use Policy for Information, Communication and Technologies”. To understand the guidelines around the use of the school-owned ipads, please read: iPad Student Operational Guidelines

All students using iPads as a 1:1 Personalised Learning Tool are sunject to "1:1 Personalised Learning Tool Acceptable Use Agreement".